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What Today’s Candidates Prioritise in a Job

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What Today’s Candidates Prioritise in a Job

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent requires more than just offering a competitive salary. Candidates are increasingly looking for a holistic work experience that aligns with their values and career goals. 

Here at Esmos Recruitment, we understand this shift and want to help employers understand the main things candidates prioritise when looking for a position.

Culture Matters

‘Company culture’ is no longer a buzz phrase that you see shoehorned into any and all job adverts you may come across; it's a key consideration for job seekers. Candidates want to work in an environment that reflects their own values and fosters a sense of belonging. This could include factors such as a collaborative work style, strong work-life balance, diversity and inclusion initiatives, or even organisations that focus on social responsibility. 

Growth Opportunities

Today’s workforce craves continuous development, both personally and professionally.

This hunger for growth is a major factor for job seekers, who prioritise opportunities to advance their careers. Stagnation is a major turn-off and companies that offer clear paths for advancement are more likely to attract top talent.

This can take many forms: access to training and mentorship programs, reimbursement for professional courses, and opportunities to take on new challenges and responsibilities. By providing these resources and opportunities, companies can demonstrate their commitment to employee growth and development - a significant advantage in today’s job market.

Wellbeing & Flexibility

The traditional 9-5 workday is a relic of the past. Today’s candidates are seeking positions that prioritise their wellbeing and offer a healthy work-life integration. This goes beyond simply offering a basic salary to include a comprehensive benefits package. 

Think flexibility - remote or hybrid work options, flexible scheduling and generous annual leave. These options enable employees to manage their personal lives with a lot more ease.

This could also be done by offering wellness programs to support mental and physical health, student loan repayment assistance and generous parental leave policies. 

Investing in Your People

Everyone wants to feel valued for their hard work. Companies that prioritise recognition and rewards through performance bonuses, public recognition and career advancement opportunities are highly favoured by potential new hires.

Understanding what candidates look for when searching for a new position enables companies to develop a more strategic approach to both recruitment and retention. In turn, this facilitates the crafting of compelling job descriptions that showcase not just the role itself, but also all of the benefits we’ve covered in this blog.

At Esmos Recruitment, we can help you understand how to maximise your company’s capacity to attract, train and retain top talent.

Contact us today for a free consultation!

Together, we can make your organisation a destination for high-performing employees who are fully engaged with your culture and values.

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