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Employee Spotlight - July - Carlota Adsuara

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Employee Spotlight - July - Carlota Adsuara

Carlota Adsuara isn’t your typical recruiter. Sure, she has a keen eye for talent and a proven track record of success - two years running (and counting!) as Esmos Recruitment’s top biller. But what truly sets Carlota apart is her passion for the events industry and her dedication to creating the perfect match between candidates and clients.

Building Relationships, Building Careers

Carlota’s journey to Esmos Recruitment wasn’t a direct path - while her background is in recruitment, the event industry’s vibrancy called to her. “Events are such a happy and fulfilling sector,” she says, thrilled to be part of Esmos. Her dedication shows in her results, but what’s the secret? “It sounds cliche, but I work hard,” she admits. Recruitment is part of her life, and she loves it. This passion translates into strong bonds with candidates, many becoming friends. “It’s not transactional,” she emphasises, “I want my candidates to have long and successful careers.”

Building Dream Teams in an Evolving Industry

Recognising that qualifications aren’t everything, Carlota prioritises cultural fit. “We understand our clients well,” she explains, “so the candidate’s personality needs to mesh with the organisations.” This focus on cultural compatibility fosters successful placements and ensures long term career satisfaction for event professionals. 

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry’s evolution, Carlota acknowledges the growing influence of AI and a more strategic, tech-driven approach post-pandemic. Esmos Recruitment stays ahead of the curve by adapting to these trends and equipping their candidates with the skills needed to excel in the new event landscape.

A Life Beyond Recruitment 

Carlota, a travel enthusiast with a well stamped passport, explores new destinations whenever she’s not busy connecting talented individuals with their dream jobs. From conquering challenging hikes to indulging in the local cuisine, her free time is a whirlwind of adventure. Back in Dubai, whether she’s pushing her limits at the gym or getting swept up in the city’s vibrant energy, her work environment undeniably shapes her perspective. “Dubai’s a fantastic location for creating truly awe-inspiring events,” she says, “Given how multicultural the city is, it’s a constant source of inspiration; this is reflected in the spectacular events that are constantly being held here.”

Advice for Aspiring Talent

For those seeking to break into the events industry, Carlota offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice: “Be flexible. Do the best you can until you know better, and when you know better, do better.” This mantra applies not just to aspiring professionals, but to Carlota herself, who is constantly learning and growing.

So, what’s next?

The future is bright for Carlota. Professionally, she’s excited about Esmos Recruitment’s global expansion and the opportunity to learn new markets. Personally she looks forward to attending events in Dubai and beyond, including the upcoming Gastech conference in Houston. 

Carlota is more than just a top biller; she’s a passionate connector and a valuable asset to the Esmos Recruitment team. As the events industry continues to evolve, her dedication to building dream teams will ensure long-lasting success for both candidates and clients.

Stay tuned for more Employee Spotlights as we celebrate the amazing individuals who are shaping the future of Esmos.

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