Technical Director

Location Dubai
Job type: Permanent
Salary: 20,000 - 30,000 AED
Contact name: Jane Wilson

Contact email:
Job ref: 32774
Published: about 2 months ago

As the Technical Director, you will be a key leader responsible for guiding the technical aspects of our production processes and engineering initiatives.

This leadership role is ideal for an experienced professional with a strong background in engineering, especially mechanical engineering.

The Job

  • Operational Strategy: Collaborate with the executive team to develop and execute the company's operational strategy, aligning it with overall business objectives and actively engaging in the implementation process.

  • Team Leadership: Provide visionary leadership to the engineering, development, and operations teams, fostering a collaborative and high-performing team environment. Your leadership sets the tone for a culture of innovation and excellence.

  • Team Growth: Building and nurturing a talented and well-rounded team is your responsibility. You will oversee the recruitment, training, and career development of departments under your leadership. Fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth is essential.

  • Performance Monitoring: Establish performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess operational performance, drive continuous improvement, and achieve targets.

  • Cross-functional Collaboration:

    Partner with the Creative Director and other project leads to ensure the smooth intersection of creativity and technology. Act as a bridge between technical and non-technical teams.

  • Pricing Strategy and Analysis: Evaluate incoming technology-related requests, conduct thorough research, and analyze cost components to develop a comprehensive pricing strategy that ensures profitability and competitiveness in the market.

  • Operational Excellence: Operational efficiency is central to your role. You will work closely with project managers and department heads to streamline processes, reduce errors, and enhance project delivery. Your commitment to operational excellence will ensure projects run smoothly and exceed client expectations.

  • Efficiency Optimization: You'll introduce efficient practices across departments, leveraging project management tools like ClickUp. Maximizing productivity and reducing operational friction is your focus, allowing teams to work smarter.

  • Client Engagement: Active involvement in business development efforts is expected. Building strong relationships with clients and exploring new collaboration opportunities will contribute to the company's growth and client satisfaction.

  • External Stakeholder Relations: Build and maintain relationships with external stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, industry partners, and regulatory bodies, to foster collaboration and support business objectives.

  • Technology Innovation: Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and innovative solutions, leveraging them to drive technological advancements within the organization and ensuring PurpleGlo remains at the forefront of experiential tech.

  • R&D Leadership: Leading the research and development efforts means staying ahead of industry trends. You'll identify emerging technologies, explore new opportunities, and maintain a robust pipeline of innovative projects. Your leadership in R&D will drive the company's competitive edge.

  • Financial Management: Work closely with the finance team to develop budgets and actively monitor financial performance, identifying opportunities for cost optimization and revenue enhancement.

  • Risk Management: Identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with projects and operations is critical. Developing comprehensive risk management strategies will proactively address potential challenges, ensuring smooth project execution and client satisfaction.

  • Competitor Analysis: Vigilance in monitoring competitors' offerings, pricing strategies, and market positioning is vital. Your insights will guide the company in maintaining price competitiveness and staying technologically advanced.

  • Reporting: Your quarterly reports to the CEO provide critical insights into project status, financial breakdowns, and key performance indicators. This data-driven approach aids in informed decision-making, allowing the company to adapt and thrive.

  • Strategic Meetings: Your weekly/monthly meetings with the CEO and Creative Director are essential for aligning company initiatives with strategic objectives. This collaborative approach ensures that the company progresses in the right direction and capitalizes on opportunities.


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Engineering, preferably in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Proven track record of success in technical leadership roles, with a focus on production and engineering.

  • Strong leadership, communication, and team management skills.

  • Experience in optimizing production processes and engineering workflows.

  • Engineering Background (Mechanical Preferred)

  •  Experience In Production

  •  Knowledge In Autocad

  •  Basic Knowledge in Illustrator / Photoshop

  •  Knowledge In Experiential Technology - AR/VR/Sensors

  •  Worked With Third Party Suppliers

  •  Speaking Arabic is preferred but not needed