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About Us

ESMOS Recruitment - Event Recruitment - Dubai

ESMOS Recruitment, the company lauded as the ‘Go to’ Recruitment Specialists for the events industry for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates has secured notoriety as a partner to its clients’ businesses since launching in March 2021. Despite being a relatively young company, it has become a critical touchstone in helping professionals in events management and creation to adapt to the changing modern paradigm of the events industry, guiding new talent and experienced industry heavyweights alike. A distinctive, highly targeted consultancy service, ESMOS Recruitment specialises in recruitment for the events industry focusing on the core pillars that make up any good event ‘Event Management, Sales, Marketing & Operations’

ESMOS has been making waves in the events planning industry, leading recruitment across the events vertical in order to provide exemplary permanent placements by delivering effective solutions through personalised and professional services that go hand in hand with a transparent, proactive, ethical, and people-centric approach.

We foster human connections between an employee and their prospective placement by drilling down into relationship development as a core tenant of our business, we promote healthy, sustainable, and compatible teams that will work together to make an event run smoothly and effectively, ensuring that the person fits the placement, company culture and vice versa.

ESMOS appreciates the importance of building relationships with the people and businesses we represent. Critically, from screening to placement, we believe in a non-transactional approach to recruitment that suits all parties, putting the development of a positive dynamic between the company and candidate back at the forefront when it comes to hiring fresh talent, making the recruitment journey smooth, seamless, and transitional for all involved.

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