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Resumé to Reality - Fotoulla Michael

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Resumé to Reality - Fotoulla Michael

From magazine subscriptions in London to leading sales for a prestigious healthcare conference in Dubai, Fotoulla's career path is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and a passion for the events industry.

In our inaugural edition of "Resumé to Reality", a new content series where we showcase the inspiring journeys of successful candidates we've connected with dream roles, we delve into Fotoulla's story and the exciting chapter she's currently writing at Informa Markets.

Finding Her Spark in Events

Fresh out of university, Fotoulla embarked on a career in publishing. But it wasn’t long before a different side of the industry caught her eye, the world of events. “The magazines I was involved with also hosted small scale events, and I thrived in that fast paced, exciting environment” she recalls. Witnessing the energy and collaboration involved in event production sparked a passion that would later guide her career for years to come.

A Shift in Focus

Fast forward a few years and the decline of print subscriptions presented a challenge, but Fotoulla saw it as an opportunity for growth. She transitioned from the magazine side to the sales department, a decision that proved pivotal. “I had great managers who were really supportive and that’s something I've tried to emulate in my own leadership style”. This supportive environment fueled Fotoulla’s desire to mentor others and contribute to team success. Leadership roles became a natural progression, allowing her to “pay it forward” and guide others on their own career journeys.

A Dream Realised in Dubai

The opportunity to lead sales for Arab Health, a prominent event at Informa Markets, wasn’t just a job prospect for Fotoulla, it was an exciting new chapter. Arab Health’s global reach, focus on cutting edge healthcare technology and diverse audience - attracting representatives from all over the globe - perfectly aligned with her interests. 

The interview process, including pitching a strategy based on a scenario, allowed her to showcase her skills and vision, while building a strong rapport with the team that solidified her confidence in the opportunity.

This dream role, however, came with a major life decision: relocating from the UK to Dubai. Ever the determined individual, Foutoulla did her research, connecting with friends in Dubai and familiarising herself with the city’s culture and lifestyle. Ultimately, the potential for personal and professional growth outweighed any apprehensions, and she embraced the adventure!

Advice for Aspiring Leaders

Fotoulla emphasises the importance of organisation and resilience in the fast paced events industry. “Ask loads of questions, be personable and flexible” she advises, acknowledging that setbacks are inevitable. “The best people I've worked with are highly organised and entrepreneurial”, she adds.

For those considering a career shift or relocation, her message is clear: “DO IT!” She regularly encourages others to embrace the opportunities for personal growth and cultural exchange that come with stepping outside their comfort zones.

The Esmos Connection

Esmos played a key role in connecting Fotoulla with the opportunity at Informa Markets. “Esmos have a great reputation in the industry,” she says. She appreciated the personalised approach, taking the time to understand her skills and career goals. “They weren’t pushy in any way and it sounds cliche to say but I genuinely felt they had my best interests at heart”.

Looking Forward

In her role at Arab Health, Fotoulla is focused on driving growth in new sectors all whilst continuing to develop her team. Her ultimate goal is to see Arab Health become the number one healthcare event in the world. Mentorship and knowledge sharing remain a passion, as she takes satisfaction in seeing team members thrive and contribute to the event's success.

Her story is an inspiration to anyone seeking a fulfilling career in the events industry and we hope it inspires others to take that leap, demonstrating that transferable skills and passion for an industry can lead you to exciting new possibilities.

If you are looking for your next exciting opportunity in the events industry, Esmos is here to help! 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you write your own ‘Resumé to Reality’ story!

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