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Erik Heath - Resumé to Reality

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Erik Heath - Resumé to Reality

Welcome to the second edition of our Resumé to Reality series! This ongoing content series highlights the success stories of talented candidates we’ve connected with their dream roles. Today, we delve into the inspiring journey of Erik Heath, Project Director for the Mining Show at Terrapinn Middle East.

Leading the Charge at The Mining Show

Erik Heath’s career path is a testament to his adaptability, drive and genuine passion for the events industry. While his journey began in the world of magazine subscriptions, a spark ignited when he witnessed the fast-paced and collaborative environment of event production. This experience proved to be the turning point, guiding him towards a fulfilling career where he thrives on connecting people and fostering industry growth.

A Move to the Middle East

Always on the lookout for opportunities, Erik saw the Middle East as a region brimming with potential for events. Despite having built a successful career in the UK events industry, he wasn’t afraid to step outside his comfort zone. “The UAE market is growing substantially,” Erik explains, “and I’m glad I'm here.” This move not only challenged him professionally but also opened doors to a new and exciting lifestyle.

Finding the Perfect Fit with Esmos Recruitment

Erik acknowledges the pivotal role Esmos Recruitment played in connecting him with his current position at Terrapinn Middle East. “Esmos has a great reputation in the industry,” he says. He particularly appreciated the personalised approach, where Carlotta, his Esmos contact, took the time to understand his skills and career goals. “They weren’t pushy in any way,” Erik adds, “and it sounds cliché to say but I genuinely felt they had my best interests at heart.”

Leading the Charge at The Mining Show

Today, Erik leverages his extensive experience as Project Director for The Mining Show. This prestigious event, now in its 16th year, has solidified its position as the leading mining and quarrying event in the Middle East and Africa. The show boasts impressive statistics with 3,000 attendees, over 500 VIPs, 200 sponsors and exhibitors, and a distinguished speaker faculty of 150 industry experts.

What Makes The Mining Show Unique?

Erik highlights several factors contributing to The Mining Show’s success. The event offers a comprehensive platform, combining a world class exhibition that showcases cutting-edge technology with a high level conference program addressing the specific challenges faced by the region's mining sector. Networking opportunities abound, fostering collaboration and relationship building amongst diverse stakeholders - mining companies, quarrying companies, government representatives and tech innovators. Erik went on to emphasise the show’s commitment to regional relevance, ensuring the technology and knowledge shared are directly applicable to the unique needs of the Middle Eastern market.

Looking Forward

Erik is particularly excited about the future of The Mining Show. He envisions the event growing in scale, potentially incorporating the display of large equipment used in mining operations. He also sees the potential for replicating the event’s success in other regions of the world. “The Mining Show benefits many different industries,” Erik explains, highlighting the event’s broader impact.

A Story of Passion and Perseverance 

Erik’s story is an inspiration to anyone seeking a fulfilling career in the events industry. Mining as a niche is something he never thought he would find his way into, let alone love being involved in. It demonstrates the value of transferable skills, a willingness to embrace new challenges and the importance of finding the right partner in your job search. As he thrives in his role at The Mining Show, there’s no doubt he will continue to play a key role in connecting industry leaders and driving innovation within the Middle Eastern mining sector.

If you’re a passionate and results oriented professional seeking exciting opportunities in the events industry, Esmos Recruitment can help!

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