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Exciting Roles You Never Knew Existed

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Exciting Roles You Never Knew Existed in the Events Industry

Have you ever dreamt of working in the Events Industry, but thought the career options were limited to event planners and coordinators? Think again!

Forget the days of generic conferences and forgettable galas! The Events Industry is a vibrant and ever-evolving sector, constantly pushing the boundaries and redefining the attendee experience. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all events. Today’s events are meticulously crafted experiences that cater to specific demographics, interests and even emotions. 

This shift towards hyper-personalised events has opened up a world of exciting and unconventional roles that are crucial to creating unforgettable experiences. We recently shared a quote across our social media channels - “An event isn’t over until everyone is tired of talking about it” - and within this blog we’ll touch on unconventional roles that are the secret sauce behind achieving that very goal. So let’s get into it!

Exploring Unconventional Roles

Sustainability Managers

Today’s environmentally-conscious audience demands events that minimise their ecological footprint. Enter the Sustainability Manager, a visionary who spearheads eco-friendly practices throughout the event lifecycle. You wouldn’t necessarily expect such a crucial role to exist behind the scenes of a glittering gala or high-powered conference, but Sustainability Managers are the strategic architects crafting a greener future for events. Whether it be through sourcing locally grown food, utilising recyclable materials or even implementing energy efficient lighting solutions, their dedication ensures a positive environmental impact behind any event they’re involved in.

Experience Designers 

A role that isn't commonly searched for on job boards, but might just be one of the most creatively stimulating in the industry, is the Experience Designer.  These visionaries craft unique narratives, curate interactive elements, and leverage technology to make events truly unforgettable. Think gamified challenges that promote problem-solving and friendly competition, virtual reality experiences that transport attendees to new worlds, or customised photo booths that capture shareable moments. It's a role where imagination meets innovation, and the ability to create truly immersive experiences translates to a workday that's anything but ordinary.

Diversity & Inclusion Coordinators

The Events Industry thrives on inclusivity, and Diversity & Inclusion Coordinators are the driving force behind this crucial aspect. This is particularly important in the regions Esmos serves, like the UK and UAE, where diverse populations and cultural sensitivities require thoughtful planning. These strategic minds work hand in hand with clients to cultivate diverse moments that reflect a wider range of voices and perspectives. This planning ensures guests feel like they belong, contributing to the overall success of the event.

The Impact of Unconventional Roles

The three roles we have touched on elevate events from good to unforgettable. Sustainability Managers ensure minimal environmental impact, fostering positive word of mouth and aligning events with today’s eco-conscious values. Experience Designers craft interactive elements that spark attendee engagement and create those “wow” moments. And Diversity & Inclusion  Coordinators cultivate a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued, expanding the event's reach and fostering meaningful connections.  

The aim of this blog was to enlighten our audience on the diversity of roles throughout the industry but also to touch on the fact that Esmos helps clients everyday by connecting them with the exceptional talent that keeps the industry we all love moving. 

So the next time you consider the Events Industry, remember - it’s a world brimming with unseen heroes who are shaping the future of remarkable events!

Until next time folks!

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