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Employee Spotlight - June - Kate Manera

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Employee Spotlight - June - Kate Manera

We’re thrilled to introduce Kate in our latest edition of ‘Employee Spotlight’, our newest team member who will be spearheading UK recruitment for Esmos! With a strong background in recruitment and a passion for the events industry, Kate brings a unique perspective to our team.

From Kiwi Roots to London Calling

Hailing from a close-knit community on the South Island of New Zealand, Kate embarked on a familiar journey for many Kiwis - a move to London!

Since 2019, she’s honed her recruitment skills across various sectors, including HR and Education. However, a recent opportunity in the tech start-up world ignited a spark in Kate. “Working with a tech start-up was exciting,” she shares, “but my love for events drew me in further.”

A Passion for Events Takes Centre Stage

What drew Kate to Esmos Recruitment? The answer lies in a combination of factors. A friend connected her with Mark and Ross, and after just one conversation, Kate was sold on the prospect of specialising in events recruitment. “Mark’s passion for the industry was contagious,” she says, “and I knew Esmos had a proven track record in the UAE. I'm excited to replicate that success in the UK.”

The Future of Events Recruitment in the UK

As Kate settles into her new role, she’s already brimming with ideas. She sees the events industry continuing to evolve beyond traditional conferences, with a growing focus on creating immersive experiences. “Accessibility is another key trend,” Kate notes, “thanks to the hybrid model that allows participation from all corners of the globe.”

Candidates in the Events Industry

So what kind of candidates does Kate look for in the events industry? “Passion is paramount,” “along with creativity, strong communication skills and the ability to think outside the box.” Her advice for aspiring event professionals? “Don’t be afraid to dream big,” she says, “and go for opportunities that truly excite you.”

Thriving at Esmos Recruitment

Kate’s enthusiasm for her new role is palpable. “It’s a fresh challenge!” she exclaims. “I can’t wait to be the go-to person for events recruitment in the UK, connect with new clients and build lasting relationships.” And the best part? “Getting to experience the magic of events firsthand.” So what made Esmos stand out for Kate? “The chance to be part of a dynamic and successful company in such an exciting industry is truly motivating,” she explains. “With experience in Asia and now the UK, Esmos offers a wealth of opportunities for growth.”

Get to Know Kate!

Kate is eager to connect with everyone. “Let’s grab a coffee!” she mentions. (Bonus points if you’re also a lover of oat flat whites!) 

Beyond work, Kate loves exploring London’s vibrant cafe scene, hitting the gym and tapping into adventurous activities such as hiking (minus the hangover) and attending live events. Oh and did we mention she's from a tiny town in New Zealand with a population of just 300? Talk about a change of scenery!!

We’re delighted to welcome Kate to the Esmos Recruitment family. Get ready for a fresh perspective and a whole lot of event industry inspiration! 

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